Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mc Dreamy take a hike !

Honey, I am reaching home tomorrow morning cooed my hubby ~

I trilled and twittered and we spent a good few minutes behaving like a pair of teenagers planning their first date. Did I tell you that we are married for 10 long years but till date the excitement and romance is akin to a couple of college kids planning their secret rendezvous !!

Amongst  other things the day was to include a romantic lunch and loads of catching up (ahem!). Before putting the phone down I heard him mumble, hope the kids have a full school day ?

I blushed and preened despite a good 10,000 Kms separating us. The morning dawned prettily and the kids were sent packing to school. My hearth buzzed with all the dishes he liked. In swooped my man looking dapper super hot and he sported a 5'o clock shadow. I was surprised as well as delighted. Smitten by his efforts to woo me aka Mc Dreamy , I prided on the handsome man my hubby is. It is no secret that I harbour a huge crush on the neuro surgeon acting Dempsey. His stubbly looks and rugged charm have me waxing eloquent before my hubby. Hubby had taken this sportingly and donned a stubble to please me. How cool is that ?

After a few minutes, I realised that he had come to love this new avatar and he grinned and gloated about the female attention he received during his 5 hour plane travel.  Don't I look dishy he croaked ?.  All was well till he gave me a peck on the cheek. It was as if I had a mini porcupine nuzzling me. Oblivious to my discomfort he pecked me once more. The cheek felt like being grazed by an electric mower. Putting a good distance between us I groaned --
"Duh, you look as if a mini jungle has encroached your handsome face" 

He looked confused and hissed , just now you were complimenting my handsome looks ! Besides, weren't you hankering for this dishy look in your Dr. Grey show ? AAh there I saw his anger (read:jealousy) laden eyes. You have got to stop watching Grey’s Anatomy he seethed.

I retorted :
You look nice but my smooth skin is groaning from the touch of the grizzly bear your face is !

"What women want "? he mused with a perplexed face.  Well, for starters you can go shave I persisted.

Do you know during an average lifetime, a man will spend 3350 hours removing 8.4m of stubble ? all those hours and so little productivity he joked. 

OK, I tried another tactic ; Will you like if I sported face, arms & legs straight from the evergreen forest ? He chuckled clearly envisioning me as a jungle queen. I snapped him from his reverie and stated that it was about time he indulged in Manscaping . With a swagger he said are you sure ??
You have got to shave else crave, I persisted

We looked at each other a whole 30 seconds before he bit the bullet. And while he was busy shaving with his Gillette Mac 3 Turbo, I huskily murmured in to his ears :
Mc Dreamy can take a hike; he stands no chance before my Mc Hottie :)

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

A refreshing stay @ Soma Kerala Palace, Kerala

God's Own Country- Kerala is truly all that and much more. The month of October saw us  taking a small vacation to this serenic place and staying at Soma Kerala Palace. The aim of the trip was to relax and chill. And that meant no packed itineraries spilled with visits to hither & thither. It just meant letting the hair down at this exotic yet quintessentially Kerala resort. Every inch of the place was magic and mysticism. Nestled in the backwaters of  Vembanadu, the resort is truly a getaway of sorts from the hectic, frenetic and nomadic life that we humans have gotten in to....

The resort is at a distance of 56 kms from the Cochin International Airport and about 150 kms away from the Trivandrum International Airport.

The fun starts as soon as we step in to their parking space. Soma Palace is set on an island in the Vembanadu lake  and a festive looking dandy boat is waiting to whisk us to the resort. Transporting visitors from the mainland to the resort is one magical albeit a short trip of 10 -12 minutes.

Samyuktha is a picture of poise and happiness :)

A lone crow eyed our boat with boredom 

Spotting the resort from a distance, we get all perked up; angling the cameras in all directions possible I took frenzied snaps

After being treated to  some stunning welcome drinks,  we stepped inside the resort only to be bowled over by the ethereal beauty all around.  The place was delightfully built and the greenery everywhere was a pleasing fixation.

An eye for all things artistic the resort was a photographer's delight

A snazzy bullock cart adorned their premises with a good explanation for those uninitiated

The architecture of the buildings housing the rooms were praiseworthy and had  a royal aura around it. These buildings are structures from different eras and the various parts from different sites were carefully disbanded to be recreated/restructured thus forming a part of Soma Palace. 

The room we stayed in was part of Nalekkat Building

Did I say the resort houses an Ayurveda & Yoga Centre ? The face and body message/therapy sessions is a must for invigorating your mind, heart and soul. A must indulge to get yourself rejuvenated and refreshed. I befriended quite a few foreigners who had come for various treatments as part of a complete healing package. They were gushing about the total well being the treatments yielded !

The staff of the resort were the most courteous and an instant sense of ease and belonging envelopes.Besides, the swimming pool, the hammocks for those leisurely naps and the restaurant dishing out some choicest array of meals are cherry on the icecream.

Aah, ok you are the sort that still needs to be clued in to the happenings of the worlds, have an urge to check mails and can't control the itch to update status and stuff - No worries, the resort has Internet CafĂ©,  besides the telephone & Fax as well as mail & message handling,

Something for everyone ! Did I say magical already ???

It was with a heavy heart that we bid adieu to this place. Do you hear me cooing out to my hubby for another holiday already ? Yup ! The million dollar question is  - Is he listening ???

Monday, December 3, 2012

Modern Ethnic- My Style, My Way

'Fashion can be bought, but style one must possess' -  Edna Woolman Chase

I am not a fashionista; I don't keep myself abreast of the current in's & out's as far as the flavours of the season goes. But I am very much aware of my sense of styling and it is casual, true to my skin and spells comfort yet chic. Blending in with the crowd yet standing apart is ME. Not for me the loud colors or over the top cuts and hues just because it is following a trend. I believe in looking elegant and at the same time scream gorgeous :)

My wardrobe is a heady mix of casual and cool, smart and formal, bindaas and pretty.  And like everyone, there are those days when nothing in my wardrobe brings cheer to me. In-fact setting out for a dinner with friends or for an event or a party brings panic attacks hours before. This is the conversation that goes on in my head where it is a battle between the twins (the good & the evil of course).

Go for the blue one
                   naah- this makes you look hideously fat !
What about the yellow kurta ?
                   are you kidding- your belly gets a king size attention there
Then it is settled- we go for the green top
                     Is there a competition for rags to riches?

I bet you get the drift---

After waging all the mini wars, finally what wins the night is the one that my instincts say 'COOL' & A.L.I.V.E
Like I already said elegance is the key, which is why when I put together an ensemble for a festive season it has a saree in it. And why not?

The 6 yard wonder makes a woman feel like a lady. Glamorous yet dignified, subtle yet sexy. While browsing through Shoppers Stop online my eyes fell on this exquisite looking saree. Classy & ethereal it looks. Spells all the festive cheer too.It is an Ashika Georgette Jacquard Embroidered Saree . The shimmering material of the cloth and the embroidered work along with the pleasing colour adds to the oomph.

Once the saree is draped, the accessories to go with gets styled. Of course the mood and the theme is cool, chic and stylish. The Carbon Diamond Set  with earrings and pendant fused in gold and diamonds symbolizes the very me -  ethnic and uber trendy.

I love complementing my outfits with smart time pieces. And the collections from Titan -Raga are breathtakingly sophisticated. Ain't this watch from their collection a heady mix of poise and sensuality. 

Now we come to my very favourite accessory- handbags/clutches/wallets. The above saree  can be teamed with this French Connection- Kimberly Sparkle Box Clutch. Perfect for the essentials but not overtly heavy or flashy.

I am sure you would all agree when I say that the accessory that actually ups the ante is the footwear !

Shoes are a big part of your look. I think that if your outfit isn't really something special, then fun footwear is a great way to jazz it up and make your ensemble more interesting. - Christian Siriano

Which is where Haute Curry's Ladies casual Flat Sandals fits the bill. Ain't that a dainty piece ?

Smelling divine- this is one thing I am totally finicky about. Nothing over-the top yet alluring & riveting. Estee Lauder's Youth Dew Edp Sp is all that and more. It is not for nothing that it has been voted as the sexiest fragrances ever created !

When you team all of them for a festive occassion, I am sure you would be the cynosure of all eyes. Don't forget the most important posession of them all ; a curve that will sizzle & sparkle - S.M.I.L.E of course !

Stay Stylish Always !
I had utmost fun putting together this ensemble for Indiblogger's Shopper's Stop Perfect Look